Fighting fraud together

CredoLab and TransUnion, formerly iovation, have joined forces bringing a single solution that uses a global device intelligence network, including smartphone device metadata. This technology generates bank-grade digital scorecards and prevents fraud attempts by evaluating associated accounts and devices, past history and suspicious behaviors in real-time.

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This rule triggers when a device has been confirmed as fraudulent

This rule triggers when an application originates from a location marked as risky

This rule triggers when the same device applies for multiple loans

Credolab x Iovation

This rule triggers when the device is on a blacklist

This rule triggers when inconsistencies are identified on a device

This rule triggers when a device looks suspiciously like confirmed fraudulent devices


Crunches nearly 1 million behavioural features from opt-in metadata to generate credit scores

Device Risk

Uses device recognition and intelligence technology to track over 45 types of fraud and abuse

Yes - Improve my Application Score

Why Should This Excite You?

Expansion to New Market Segments

Improve access to new market segments by approving new-to-credit and new-to-bank customers confidently

Lower Cost of Risk

Customise your fraud prevention strategies by leveraging the predictive capability of AI and Machine Learning

Faster Decisions

Shorten the time-to-yes from days to less than 1 minute with creditworthiness and fraud checks done in real-time

Improved Fraud Reduction

Analyse >45 types of fraud through tailor-made fraud prevention strategies designed for you

Complete Data Privacy

Process only anonymous and consented metadata to generate credit scores in a transparent and responsible manner

Highly Accurate Credit Decisions

Leverage over 1 million behavioural features to arrive at the most predictable data points to score your customers

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